"Wallachian Chimeras" is a multimedia project built around 20 poems written by Aurel Șorobetea, gathered in a book. The chimeras, the imaginary animals constructed from the play of the poet's words and words, are illustrated and animated by Ioana Nicoara, accompanied by the music of Tibor Cári.
“The chimeras are, as is well known, hybrid, imaginary creatures, unusual combinations of living beings that are combining, transforming into others. Starting from the principle of their agglutination, the poet Aurel Șorobetea created, through a linguistic "game", a fantastic collection of beasts, combining the names of real and unreal creatures, from the world and the mind of the speakers of our language. The book you now have in your hand continues the series of "chimeras" imagined by the poet, in the form of another kind of playful exercise: a series of animated illustrations that go alongside the poem, the chimeras become "alive" during the reading. " Sorina Jecza
The book is accompanied by an exhibition of illustrated poetry where, using AR technology on any mobile device, the participants of the exhibition can enter the animated world of chimeras. Using the Reniform App mobile app, which is downloaded to any Android / iOS mobile phone or tablet, the reader can see for each illustrated chimera and its animation.
The project was exhibited at Fundatia Triade, BINAR 2019 and RADAR 2019. 
Mobile App produced by Reniform Production. More about the app here https://reniform.ro/app/
Project cofinanced by AFCN.
The book is in Romanian.
The film made with the animations and original music by Tibor Cari here:
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